Set your Intentions

Some people love goals…New Year’s Resolutions? Yep. Career goals and milestones? Love ’em! I’ve always loved the sense of accomplishment even as simple as making a daily to-do post it note list just to I can check it off. I also thrive on recognition and external praise – ready for my yearly review with my boss? I’m prepared! Up for an award? Awesome!

But if you aren’t motivated by the same feeling, hear me out.

Daily, intentional focus can be so helpful. There is so much power in focusing on the outcome instead of just a mental to-do list.

Maybe you like the idea of goals but get frustrated and beat yourself up when you fail to achieve our goal or give up.

Often, I think it is because we get so fired up for change, we bite off more than we can chew. Too many resolutions, priorities, and things to keep up with and it will rob you of motivation.

Your goals may not be too lofty, just too many.

When everything is important, nothing is important.”

– Rachel Hollis

You don’t have to do it all to see massive change. Narrowing your focus on one goal and work until it becomes second-nature…habit…success. And when you start to grow in one area, you might be surprised that other areas grow along with it.

So how do you figure out what to focus on first?

I absolutely love Rachel Hollis’ 10,10, 1 practice. Regardless of what you think of her rocky last year in the public eye, I still think her method is rock solid.

Ten years.
Ten dreams.
One goal.

Visualization Exercise: The best of me…

Close your eyes and envision who you want to be in 10 years, like a movie in your head. Imagine your best possible life – no limits on it. Don’t listen to the voice in the back telling you to play it safe. Your dreams should light you on fire and make you a little nervous!

What are you doing? Wearing? Driving? Are you joyful? Energetic? Do you have a home? Kids?

What do you do all day? What do you do for work? Are you a great cook? Love to run? Travel?

Who do you surround yourself with? How do they treat you?

Now open your eyes and jot down or draw all the things you saw in your mind. Don’t worry about being “realistic” – fill up the page!

Finding it hard to close your eyes to visualize and read my blog prompts at the same time? Hehe, watch the visualization exercise straight from Rachel herself in this video.

Now that you know who you want to be, look at that list and what are 10 dreams that would make your vision a reality? A dream is something you obsess over and fantasize will come true. Think what dreams, if they were to come true, would make your future-self real? For example, if you envisioned financial freedom, maybe your dream would be making a six-figure salary or getting completely out of debt.

Some are things you want to achieve, others you can accomplish daily.

I have a million $$ in the bank.


I am a calm & peaceful parent.

Here’s another important piece of the puzzle. Like the examples above, write them as if they’ve already happened. Yep, we’re going to trick our subconscious. It will focus our mind on how to make them real right now instead of just another mental wish list.

Goal Setting

What is one thing you can do to get you closer to that 10 year-from-now you the fastest? Which one of the those dreams are you going to turn into a goal and actively pursue first?

A goal is a dream with work boots on.”

-Rachel Hollis

If one of your dreams is to get into shape, it becomes a goal when you sign up for a half marathon, join a running club, and start putting in the miles.

And yes it has to be specific and measurable. Turn “I want to do better with my finances” into “I want to save $3000.”

Here’s the twist – don’t set a time limit. It sets a lot of people up for failure. Working on yourself is a lifelong process! What matters in consistency, not perfection.


Start everyday meditating on your one goal. Are you a journal person? Write your dreams down daily. The same 10. Instill in your head where your focus should be. Now you know where your headed and can build your habits around the results you want!

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