Social Health deals with the way we react with people within our environment. This includes public health, family relationships, and peer relationships.

Birthday Blues

Another trip around the sun… Birthdays. They come every year whether we like it or not. Do you have elaborate celebrations and enjoy every minute? Or are they full of anxiety or sadness? Share yours with another holiday? Reminded of a person no longer around or regrets? Or maybe you’re apathetic and they come and…

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Put your Social Media on a Diet

If you are like me, despite all its faults (yes I’ve seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix), you still want to be connected to the world through social media. I love the benefits of keeping me in community, learning about local events, and keeping in touch with friends and family we’ve never before had such…

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Family Fitness: Workout with your Kids

One of the biggest roadblocks I hear from moms of littles is that they don’t have time to workout or don’t have childcare to workout alone. If joining a gym with childcare isn’t in your budget or your community, it can be hard to know what step to take next. It’s taken me trial and…

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